About Sam

Hi, my name is Sam Oduselu. I help Believers discover and fulfill their purpose so that they can impact the marketplace for the Kingdom of God and live a life of meaning and significance. I dedicated my life to Christ when I turned 21. Like every new believer, I was on fire for Christ and wanted to share the gospel with everyone. I thought in order to serve God more faithfully I had to become a pastor, an evangelist or something like that. I felt in my heart that God had something bigger for me to do. The problem was I didn’t know what it was. I prayed, fasted and sought the advice of pastors, leaders and well meaning Christians seeking to find my calling. The advice was usually the same: pray, fast, seek God and live holy and then God will see fit to call you. Well, I did those things and I still did not know my calling; to make matters worse, I was working at a job that was making me sick. I felt miserable, unfulfilled and unhappy with my life.

On my 30th birthday it all came to a head. I woke up that morning depressed because my life was passing me by; so I had long talk with God. It was that day that I began to understand the secrets of discovering purpose. After much study and prayer, I have come to understand that finding your calling is not as hard as we have made it to be. You don’t have to work for it, fast for it, or earn it and yes, I did find my calling. For several years now I have helped thousands of clients to figure out what they were born to do. I have spoken to thousands of people in various audiences on the topic of purpose, calling and career-fit. I look forward to working with you.

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