Have you ever felt like there was something missing from your life? like you should be doing more, experiencing more or living more. Well, I believe that all of us will experience this feeling at one time or another. When we feel this way, sometimes it is a sign that our hearts are crying out for significance and meaning. We want to know that we matter, that we are making a contribution to the world, and that we are playing a vital role in this thing called life. The good news is that God has a role for every believer and a specific work that He want’s them to accomplish. It is in doing this work, that we make our greatest contributions and feel a sense of fulfillment.  However, many believers are not doing the work that God has given them to do; they are merely existing to work their jobs,  pay their bills,  and die. What a Tragedy!

In  Mark 13:33-37, Jesus says that no man knows the day or time that He is coming back. He gives the illustration of a man going to a far country who gave authority to his servants and to each “his work” before he left. He then tells them to watch/be ready because they don’t know when the master will come back lest he finds them sleeping on the job. I believe that God has given each of us an assignment to accomplish on the earth before Jesus comes back. However it is up to us to take the initiative to figure out what it is and start working on it. There are many reasons or excuses we can give for not doing the work we’ve been called to do. It could fear, procrastination,  no time, lack of connections, lack of money, lack of knowledge, our job, our family and everything else under the sun. However, all of that will not matter when the Lord asks you, “Did you complete the work that I called you to?”  My prayer for you is that when Jesus comes back again, may He not find you sleeping on the job!


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