Many Christians grapple with the question “What is my Calling?” They pray, they fast, and do all the things their Pastor tells them to do and still end up confused. If that is you, then keep reading. The reason why so many believers struggle in this area is because we have been conditioned to believe that God calls everyone the same way: through a dream, a vision or some kind of epiphany. When we don’t get a calling this way, we simply sit on the side lines and wait until He calls our number. The problem with that is some people will live and die without ever discovering what they were born to do.

In the Bible we learn that God calls people differently. There are three main ways that God called people in the Bible. The first way is the one most Christians are familiar with and that is through Spiritual Revelation: a vision, dream or epiphany i.e Moses & Paul. The second way He called people was through other people i.e David & Elisha. The Third way He called people was through their gifts i.e Daniel & the Hebrew boys. As you can see God can use both spiritual and natural ways to call people.

It is important for us as believers not to ignore the natural ways that God calls us because we want a spiritual revelation like Paul or Moses; doing that could keep you on the sidelines  of life for years and in some cases for the rest of your life. We must recognize that God can call us any way He chooses and we cannot determine how He does it. It is important also to note that none of the callings in the Bible happened because people prayed, fasted or sought after them. They were simply interruptions in the daily activities of  those who received the calling . God has a calling for every believer, but we must be open to the different ways that He chooses to reveal it to us. If you don’t know your calling yet, I would suggest you stop waiting  and pay attention to the gifts and talents God has given you, because one of the biggest clues to what God has called you to do are the gifts He has given to you.

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