Unleash Your G.I.F.T To Impact The World

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Lead With Your G.I.F.T
Discovering Your Leadership & Doing The Work You Were Born To Do

Most believers are trying to find their calling and do work that is meaningful, fulfilling and Impactful. Unfortunately, they sit on the sidelines of life and take a wait and see approach. This traditional approach can lead to a wasted life of frustration and quiet desperation. Therefore, in order to find your calling, do work that matters, and impact the world, you must consider a different approach.

 Results & Benefits

In this Presentation, you will discover:

  • A simple, practical, non-traditional, but biblical approach that anyone can use to find, follow, and fulfill their calling.
  • How to increase your kingdom impact & influence in the marketplace
  • Why the traditional approach of waiting for your calling is a bad idea.
IMPACT Leadership
Unleashing Your G.I.F.T To Impact & Influence The World

Most believers want to impact the world, so they follow the traditional approach of volunteering, doing mission work, or donating to a cause. While those are commendable ways to contribute, God has a better way.  The truth is that God strategically wants you to IMPACT & INFLUENCE the culture in your workplace environment by unleashing your G.I.F.T to solve problems and serve people. This type of influence calls for all believers in the marketplace to lead.

Results & Benefits

In this presentation, you will discover:

  • That every believer is a leader in an area of specialty
  • The significance of living a life of purpose, prayer, & practicality
  • The secret to Influencing the world today.
  • The 5 Pillars of IMPACT Leadership


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